Kalimat Hakk

Kalimat Hakk is an Egyptian series that tells the story of Dina a simple woman who struggles along with her husband to provide a decent living for her children and who witnesses a murder committed by a rich young man whose father pressures and bribes witnesses to change their testimonies in favor of his son. Dina Divorces her husband who was tempted by the money and fights for justice with the support of the detective who helps her to stand her ground.
Directed by Sami Mohammed starring Mervat Amin, Hassan Hosni, Sami al adl, Ibrahim yousri, Zizi Badrawi, Zizi Mustafa, Randa al Bahri
Mervat Amin

Mervat Amin is an Egyptian actress who holds a BA in English literature from the University of “Ain Chams”. Her Career started in University when she joined the acting team then became a professional actress with her first appearance alongside Abd El Halim Hafez in the hit movie “Abi Fawk Al Chajara”. Some of her most famous work includes “ Nagham Fi Hayati” , “Al Ontha ” , “Al Arajoz” and more.
Hassan Hosni

Hassan Hosni is an Egyptian actor who started his artistic journey on the “Moutahidine” Theatre, performing for military officers and their kin. He then moved to a venue with broader and bigger audience where he gained a considerable fame. Some of his most known films are “Al Lembi”, “Bobbos”, “Africano” and more!