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Friday Jul. 29
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Ichk Al Nisaa
Ichk Al Nisaa
Mar 14 2012

Ethiopian woman from abuse video in Lebanon commits suicide

LBCI learnt on Wednesday that the Ethiopian domestic worker, whose controversial video was aired last week on LBCI, committed suicide on Wednesday.   

LBCI aired last week footage showing an Ethiopian woman being beaten outside the Ethiopian consulate in Lebanon.   

The act was considered a gruesome crime by all those who saw it.

The Lebanese state mobilized its efforts, especially the cabinet and the Lebanese public opinion that strongly denounced what happened, calling for harsh sanctions against the perpetrator of such acts in the future.     

Ali Mahfouz, the man seen abusing the Ethiopian worker in the video footage, was identified by LBCI through his vehicle plate number. Ali denied that he had beaten the young woman.    
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