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Wednesday Feb. 22
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Bte7la ElHayet
Bte7la ElHayet
Mar 17 2012

Students dead and injured after tragic collapse at Tripoli school

publishing date: 17/03/2012 08:21:00
Students dead and injured after tragic collapse at Tripoli school
Three students, Abdel Rahman Hussein Al Seddik, Usama Zreika and Ahmad Rifai were killed and seven other were injured after a wall collapsed in Hnein Public School in Tripoli, on Saturday.  

AFP reported that the wall collapsed on the school’s playground, killing three students, one 8 years old and two 16, who were gathered there during their break.

The municipality dispatched workers to assist the Civil Defense and the Red Cross to remove rubble in an attempt to rescue the three students that were trapped under the rubble.  

The bodies were taken to Al Kheir hospital where hundreds of people and relatives were gathered, AFP added.

Exclusive sources told LBCI that a similar incident occurred in the school once before interrupting classes for several days.
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