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Sunday Mar. 26
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Apr 02 2012

Jumblatt: Syrian National Council will impose itself sooner or later

publishing date: 02/04/2012 12:58:48
Jumblatt: Syrian National Council will impose itself sooner or later
National Struggle Front leader MP Walid Jumblatt saluted on Monday the Syrian people who are “struggling in the face of a regime that is uprooting them, invading cities and destroying entire villages and neighborhoods.”       

“They are doing exactly what Zionist gangs did in the 1930s and after the invasion of Palestine in 1948”, he said.        

In his weekly statement to Al Anbaa newspaper, Jumblatt saluted the Syrian National Council who imposed itself at Istanbul’s conference and will impose itself sooner or later as an inevitable alternative for the oppressive family rule.       

“It would have been better if Russia that has always stood beside the Arab peoples and supported their legitimate demands, accelerates the steps that will expel the ruling family from Syria”, Jumblatt said.
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