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Wednesday Sep. 28
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Zata Layla
Zata Layla
Sep 20 2016

Turkey kills four Kurdish militants in north Iraq - army sources

Turkey kills four Kurdish militants in north Iraq - army sources
Turkish armed forces shelled a Kurdish militant target in northern Iraq on Tuesday and killed four rebels, military sources said.

The Turkish army regularly conducts cross-border air operations against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Iraq's mountainous north, where the rebels are based. The PKK took up arms against Turkey in 1984.

The sources said unmanned aerial vehicles determined the shelling also wounded a fifth PKK fighter and destroyed weapon depots in an area across from Turkey's Sirnak province, which borders the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Iraqi Kurdish authorities, as well as central government officials in Baghdad, have slammed Turkey for such cross-border activities against the PKK in the past, saying it violates the country's territorial sovereignty.

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