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Monday Sep. 26
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Nharkom Said
Nharkom Said

REPORT: Illegal internet file is on the right track -MP Fadlallah


Financial Prosecutor Judge Ali Ibrahim charged Tuesday the chairman of MTV channel and Studio Vision Company Michel Gabriel Murr with squandering public funds in the case of illegal international calls.


The ​indictment includes a punishment that would reach three years imprisonment.
In the same context, ​head of Parliament’s Telecommunications Committee MP Hassan Fadlallah asserted that the two mobile operators owned by the Lebanese state were buying internet from private companies with rates higher than that of the state.
“The file is on the right track,” the lawmaker asserted following the committee’s meeting, which was dedicated to discuss the illegal internet dossier.
Lebanon’s two mobile operators Touch and Alfa submitted Monday suggestions to Minister of Telecommunications Boutros Harb to reduce the prices of 4G and other internet services.
The two companies, which operate the mobile networks on behalf of the government, sent these suggestions after Harb urged them to submit ideas to reduce the internet charges.
For his part, Harb said following the meeting that the ministry was able to make significant achievements, adding that he will not cover up anyone involved in the illegal internet dossier.
Meanwhile, Minister of Health Wael Abou Faour said that the Lebanese courts requested to pursuit head of state-owned Telecoms Company Ogero Abdel Menhem Youssef for his involvement in wasting public funds.

Around four illegal internet stations have been proven to exist in the mountainous terrains of al-Dinnieh, Ayoun al-Siman, Faqra and Zaarour.
Suspects involved in the case and believed to be associated with the Abdel Menhem Youssef were arrested over possible links to the networks.
For more details, watch the full report in the video above.
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