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Friday Sep. 30
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Zata Layla
Zata Layla
Sep 20 2016

Movements we are preparing for will not stop -Kanaan

Movements we are preparing for will not stop -Kanaan

Change and Reform bloc MP Ibrahim Kanaan stressed on Tuesday that “the abolition of the National Pact was equivalent to the abolition of Lebanon.”


Following the bloc’s weekly meeting, Kanaan said, “Our stance regarding the presidential elections and all other issues is not related to the political position of other parties.”


“The protests that we are preparing for will not stop and our stance is principled,” the lawmaker noted, adding that they will not retreat or back down.


As for the file pertaining to the refugee crisis, Kanaan recalled that the bloc was accused of racism at the beginning of the Syrian crisis, which turned out to be beyond everyone’s capacity.


In the same regard, he reiterated his position regarding the return of the refugees to their homeland, saying that “it is non-negotiable.”


Speaking of the illegal internet dossier, Kanaan pointed out that this file is an example of the corruption that is invading the whole country.

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