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Saturday Oct. 01
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REPORT: Public transportation unions end strike


Head of public drivers union Bassam Tleis declared that they will resume their on the 28th of September outside the vehicle inspection center and the vehilce registration center to protest against the mechanical inspection deal and the failure to implement traffic laws.


Tleis stated at the end of a sit-in help by owners of public trucks and the public transportation unions in Riad al-Solh on Wednesday that the mechanical inspection is a matter that concerns all the Lebanese people, emphasizing that the Lebanese transportation sector is united.


The unions had held a protest earlier on Wednesday where they marched from Mar Elias street towards Beirut downtown.


During the protest, truck owners called on Minister of Interior Nouhad al-Machnouq to meet their demands, pointing out that a meeting will be held tomorrow Thursday, hoping to reach a solution. They also indicated that they might go to the vehicle registration center in Dekwaneh-Beirut.


Public drivers had also blocked roads during the early morning hours, across several Lebanese regions, causing massive traffic jams.

To watch the full report, please click on the video above.
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