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Tuesday Sep. 27
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Hamati w Aaqlati
Hamati w Aaqlati

REPORT:Berri stresses importance of political agreements that pave way for presidential elections

Speaker Nabih Berri said on Wednesday that “everyone should help in solving the country’s crisis when the nation is in danger.”
Berri’s comments were made during his weekly meeting with MPs in Ain el-Tineh whereby he asserted that finding a common ground for the ongoing crisis should be done “away from the noise and violence.”

He also reiterated the importance of the national political agreements that pave the way for the election of a new president.
Lebanon has been plunged in to a presidential vacuum since the mandate of president Michel Sleiman ended in May 2014 without the election of a successor.
Deep disputes between rival political parties have thwarted the election process.
To watch the full report, please click on the video above.
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