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Sunday Sep. 25
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Khataya Saghira
Khataya Saghira

REPORT: LAF arrests IS 'Emir' in Ain al-Helweh camp


The Lebanese Armed Forces Intelligence Directorate arrested Thursday morning the Palestinian national Imad Yassine known as ISIS “Emir” in Ain El-Helweh refugee camp.


Yassine, who is wanted by the authorities by several arrest warrants, was planning to carry out terrorist attacks against army checkpoints shopping centers, residential areas, and tourist facilities in different Lebanese regions, under the command and with the assistance of terrorist organizations located outside the Lebanese state, as mentioned in the Lebanese Army’s statement.


The Lebanese Army directorate published the first picture of the arrested man, as investigations with him began under the supervision of the concerned judiciary.


Consequently, a state of tension and anxiety reigned in the cam amid fears that the situation would worsen.


Moreover, a sound bomb was thrown towards one of the camp’s entrances, when reports stated that terrorist Bilal Badr has been inciting his supporters to attack Lebanese army checkpoints at the entrances of Ain El Helweh camp. 



For more details, watch the full report in the video above

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