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Wednesday Sep. 28
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Zata Layla
Zata Layla
Sep 22 2016

Salam refuses to integrate refugees in Lebanon; security under control

Salam refuses to integrate refugees in Lebanon; security under control

Prime Minister Tamam Salam stated on Thursday that the priority is in incorporating refugees in their state while expressing his rejection to integrate them in Lebanon.


Salam revealed that the United Nations’ meetings failed to reach any solution to the Syrian crisis, clarifying that a meeting for the International Support Group for Lebanon will take place in Paris before the end of the year, as arranged with French President Francois Hollande.


From New York, Salam stated in an interview to Al Arabiya channel that Lebanon is highly concerned with the Syrian crisis because it hosts around one million and a half Syrian refugees, emphasizing the need for infrastructure-related aids and indicating that the current international assistance is limited compared to the high number of refugees residing in Lebanon.


Regarding the issue of the presidency, Salam said that Lebanon “could collapse if the imbalance resulting from presidential vacuum continues,” stating in addition that “security is maintained in Lebanon with no major imbalances taking place lately.” 

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