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Tuesday Mar. 28
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Late Night News
Late Night News
Oct 16 2016

Rai hopes current attempts lead to agreement over new president

publishing date: 16/10/2016 04:59:46
Rai hopes current attempts lead to agreement over new president

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Beshara Boutros Rai stressed Sunday that Lebanon needs a president who exerts efforts to serve the national interest and is known to have a culture of openness, noting that the country cannot bear the burden of any alignment or involvement in regional or international conflicts.


In his holy sermon delivered during Sunday’s mass, Rai said that “the Lebanese people are fed up with the political practices of the officials who sometimes look for a package deal, while other times look for agreements that lead to only one thing, which is sharing quotas at the expense of the common good.”


In the same context, the patriarch hoped that the current attempts lead to an agreement over a new president who will be elected during the parliamentary session set for October 31st.

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