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Saturday Dec. 10
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Lel Hobb Wajh...
Lel Hobb Wajh Akhar
Oct 17 2016

Protestors close UNRWA offices in al-Baddawi

publishing date: 17/10/2016 05:31:56
Protestors close UNRWA offices in al-Baddawi

A group of residents in Al-Baddawi refugee camp locked Sunday evening the office of UNRWA director with locks and chains to protest their inaccessibility to the food aid program the agency has promised them.


Many figures in the camp intervened in order to convince the residents not to close the offices however, their efforts did not succeed because demonstrators did not receive the food for the families in need as promised by UNRWA.


Additionally, a number of the families warned UNRWA in a statement that they are serious about an escalation, adding that they will break into the agency’s offices. 

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