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Tuesday Mar. 28
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Oct 17 2016

Kataeb renews commitment to Constitution

publishing date: 17/10/2016 11:42:50
Kataeb renews commitment to Constitution
Kataeb Party’s politburo reiterated the national principles that it had adopted and announced in its previous positions.

Following its weekly meeting, the Kataeb Party renewed unwavering commitment to the Constitution, adding that Lebanon's democratic system has long been distinguished compared to other countries in the region.


“Kataeb refuses to replace the democracy with individual shares and interests. It also refuses to turn the presidential vote into a deal,” the party said in a statement.


The statement added that “the Kataeb will remain the resounding, sovereign voice that will seek to rescue the Republic.”


“It will hold onto the democratic norms and refuse to surrender until the presidential void is ended with the election of a president who dissociates Lebanon from regional conflicts and has absolute independence when it comes to decision-making."

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