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Tuesday Feb. 28
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Nharkom Said
Nharkom Said

REPORT: Legislative session set for Wednesday

publishing date: 18/10/2016 05:00:32

Speaker Nabih Berri Tuesday scheduled a legislative parliamentary session on Wednesday in which a draft for a new electoral law will be discussed among the agenda items.


For his part, Lebanese Forces MP Antoine Zahra expressed reservations over the session’s agenda, explaining that the electoral law provision might not be reached because it is the last provision on the list.


Earlier, FPM and the Lebanese Forces have declared not to attend any legislative session unless a draft electoral law is the first item on the agenda.


Vice President of the speaker Farid Makari stated that there are criteria that must be respected while setting the agenda, as for the urgent matters, they are timetabled at the end of the session.


Wednesday’s session will be the first legislative session since last year. 

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