18 Oct 2016

Khalil says Amal will vote against Aoun

Khalil says Amal will vote against Aoun

Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil declared Tuesday that the Liberation and Development parliamentary bloc will participate in the upcoming legislative session on the 31st of October and that it will vote against MP Michel Aoun if the quorum is secured, adding that Speaker Berri will be the first one to congratulate Aoun in case he wins the presidential elections.


Khalil added that disagreements between Aoun to Berri cannot be solved by a visit, noting that MP Sleiman Frangieh has informed the bloc about every decision he has made unlike FPM leader.


 This as Khalil held a meeting later on with Future Movement leader former Prime Minister Saad Hariri at the Bayt al-Wasat and left without giving any statement.

Lebanon has been plunged into a presidential vacuum since the mandate of Michel Sleiman ended in May 2014 and Hezbollah, Aoun's Change and Reform bloc and some of their allies have been boycotting the parliamentary sessions tasked to elect a new president, stripping them of the needed quorum.

The next parliamentary session to elect a new president will be held on October 31. ‚Äč

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