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Thursday Mar. 23
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Ahmar Bel Khat...
Ahmar Bel Khat Al Areed

REPORT: Protesters reject privatization of Tripoli’s al-Mina seaside

publishing date: 26/11/2016 14:17:10

The civil campaign to protect Tripoli’s al-Mina seaside, staged a sit-in on Saturday to denounce a decision that allows “illegal privatization of maritime public properties in al-Mina region’s estate number 1403,” in the presence of the head of al-Mina municipal council, members, civil society groups as well as officials from the city.


The protesters called for cancelling such a decision and holding accountable those involved, urging the concerned judge and the Shura Council to consider the decision as unenforceable and void.


They also stressed that the movements and sit-ins will continue until the decision is cancelled.

For more details, watch the full report in the video above
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