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Friday Jan. 20
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Kif W Leich
Kif W Leich
Jan 10 2017

Judge rejects appeal of man suspected of killing wife

publishing date: 10/01/2017 12:17:36
Judge rejects appeal of man suspected of killing wife
The appeal of a man who was suspected of killing his wife and released due to lack of evidence was rejected on Tuesday.
Judge Joseph Samaha on Tuesday dismissed a petition to overturn an accusation made by Roula Yaacoub’s family that Karam al-Bazzi killed their daughter.

Al-Bazzi’s family-in-law accused him of domestic violence that led to the death of their daughter in 2013. However, he still claims innocence, saying Roula committed suicide.
Roula Yaacoub was found comatose at her home in Halba, Akkar, in July 2013.
She later passed away upon arrival at a nearby hospital.

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