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Friday Mar. 24
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Bte7la ElHayet
Bte7la ElHayet
Jan 10 2017

Saudi Arabia did not unblock yet military aid to Lebanon-sources

publishing date: 10/01/2017 14:34:05
Saudi Arabia did not unblock yet military aid to Lebanon-sources
A Lebanese source in Riyadh told AFP on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia and Lebanon agreed on holding discussions over the unblocking of the Saudi military grant to the Lebanese military.
This as sources close to the Lebanese delegation told LBCI that there is no Saudi decision yet over the unblocking of the military aid, adding that the Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz ordered the following up on the Saudi grant.

President Michel Aoun flew to Saudi Arabia on Monday on his first visit abroad since his October election.

In February, Riyadh cancelled a $3 billion aid package for the Lebanese army and also advised big-spending Saudis not to visit Lebanon, which relies heavily on tourism.

Lebanon is caught up in regional rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Riyadh appeared to disengage from Lebanon over the past year as it became increasingly occupied with struggles against Iran in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Bahrain.


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