11 Jan 2017

Judge Rizk postpones investigations into case of Ella Tannous

Judge Rizk postpones investigations into case of Ella Tannous

Beirut Investigative Judge George Rizk continued his investigations in the case of Ella Tannous, the child who had her limbs amputated due to an illness.


The judge deferred the session until February 06, due to the absence of the physicians committee that was summoned to attend today’s session.


The case caused a media frenzy during the summer of 2015 when Pediatrician Dr. Issam Maalouf was arrested for medical negligence. He allegedly misdiagnosed the baby, and the purported mistakes may have resulted in a condition which later required the amputation of all of her limbs.


A medical committee chaired by Sharaf Abu Sharaf, former head of the Order of Physicians, was assigned to review the case. The committee was comprised of nine doctors, with specializations in different fields. It held more than 25 meetings, visited hospitals to fill the gaps in Tannous’ medical records. The committee was also in contact with medical authorities in Sweden, Belgium and the United States, who provided information about treatment in similar cases.

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