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Thursday Mar. 23
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Kalam Ennas
Kalam Ennas
Feb 16 2017

Gemayel from Serail: We will face a dilemma as of February 21

publishing date: 16/02/2017 09:17:18
Gemayel from Serail: We will face a dilemma as of February 21

Kataeb party chief MP Samy Gemayel stressed that should a new electoral law fail to be passed by February 21, it means that “bad decisions will be made,” adding that if the parliamentary elections were to be held based on the 1960s law, it would lead to an extension to the current class’ term.


Following his meeting with Prime Minister Saad Hariri at the Grand Serail, Gemayel said that a few days separate the country from an important stage, where Lebanon could face issues within its democratic system, urging the cabinet to assume its responsibility and present a draft law to the parliament.

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