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Thursday Mar. 23
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Late Night News

REPORT: Two children, abused by their father and his wife, rescued

publishing date: 16/02/2017 10:12:44

The Directorate General of the Internal Security Forces issued a statement on Thursday whereby it declared that Lebanese citizen identified as (A. S.) filed a complaint against her divorced husband and his current wife on charge of abusing two minors.


Following investigations, the man confessed to abusing his two children, detaining his 10-year-old daughter for three days, and his 9-year-old son who has been detained for 8 days inside a bathroom located in their house’s basement. He also confessed to severely beating them.


In turn, the man’s wife and her aunt confessed that he had also sexually abuse them.


Upon the instruction of the concerned judiciary, the house of the defendant was located where the minor was found detained.


The children were examined by the coroner, who said that signs of physical abuse were found on their bodies resulting from beating and burning, while their mental status is also damaged. Both their heads were completely shaved. The physician also confirmed that the girl has been subject to sexual abuse using a solid tool by her father’s wife and her step-sister.


The defendant, his wife and her daughter and aunt, were all arrested, while the children were sent to their mother.


For more details, watch the full report in the video above
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