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Thursday Mar. 23
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Nharkom Said
Nharkom Said
Feb 16 2017

REPORT: Refugees in Iraq learn to code

publishing date: 16/02/2017 12:59:07

At a computer boot camp in Erbil in northern Iraq, Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqis are learning how to code and develop websites, apps and computer programs.


A UN-funded project called 'Iraq Re:Coded' is a pilot scheme that recruits students who are battling against the odds to become the program's first graduates.


The students have fled war-torn regions seized by Islamic State militants in 2014 when they swept through parts of Iraq and Syria.


Some are already being sought after by global companies for their computing skills, despite being based in sprawling, dusty camps near Erbil, not far from Islamic State's last major stronghold in Iraq.


Many of the students are highly educated but find employment opportunities scarce.


The project follows the curriculum of New York's Flatiron coding school, and is overseen by New York University.


As well as learning how to code, the students learn English, web basics and computer programming.






For more details, watch the full report in the video above


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