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Tuesday Mar. 28
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Nharkom Said
Nharkom Said
Mar 18 2017

Nasrallah says they will present comprehensive proposal on tax alternatives

publishing date: 18/03/2017 09:59:25
Nasrallah says they will present comprehensive proposal on tax alternatives

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declared Saturday that he will present a comprehensive proposal regarding tax alternatives, stressing that there is a possibility to fund the pay scale without burdening the poor and law-income people with further taxes.


“This has been our stance since 1992,” he added.


During a ceremony held by the party, Nasrallah called for resolving the issues of the pay scale and the budget away from outbidding and settling scores between the parties, pointing out that practicing populism in this matter will not work. “Hindering funding sources will lead to abolishing the pay scale.”


On the issue of the electoral law, Nasrallah warned against the danger of “playing at the edge of the cliff,” adding that time has run out.


“We aspire to reach an electoral law that fairly represents all the Lebanese factions,” he stated, explaining that this law is the one based on proportionality.


He also urged the politicians to reach a settlement over the electoral law within the upcoming few days, to rule out the 1960s law and to present concessions leading to a solution.


Concerning the Syrian crisis, Hezbollah chief stressed the major counties have failed to reach their objective, reveling that tens of billions of Arab money have been spent on the Syrian war.


“These funds could have contributed to eradicating poverty across the Arab world and hunger in Somalia,” he stated.


Nasrallah emphasized that Syria is awaiting the grand victory and it is only a matter of time, stressing that the axis of resistance will not be defeated in Syria, Iraq or Yemen.

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