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Tuesday Mar. 28
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May 20 2012

Sheikh Abdul Wahed and bodyguard killed, LAF establishes investigation committee

publishing date: 20/05/2012 04:35:58
Sheikh Abdul Wahed and bodyguard killed, LAF establishes investigation committee
Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Wahed and his bodyguard were killed by gunfire after failing to stop at the LAF checkpoint in Kwaykhat. Sheikh Ahmed was heading to the rally held by the partisans of MP Khaled Daher to commemorate the memory of the May 7 victims.   

Following the incident, Akkar MPs Khaled Daher and Mouin Merhebi called for cutting off Akkar’s roads, expelling the LAF and letting the ISF take over security tasks in the region.      

Commenting on the incident, MP Khaled Daher told LBCI that the killing of Sheikh Abdul Wahed by the LAF was intentional, adding “we will not simply let it pass”. Exclusive sources told LBCI that the LAF established an investigation committee to investigate into the incident.

The LAF issued a statement regretting the incident in Akkar that killed two persons, and announcing the establishment of an investigation committee of senior military police officers, under the supervision of the relevant judicial authority.

The LAF leadership said that Judge Saqr Saqr inspected the crime scene and started interrogating members from the army checkpoints.

Judge Saqr visited Rahal hospital as well.

The forensic doctor examined the two bodies in the presence of members of both families.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati discussed the details of Akkar’s incident with Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn, Interior Minister Marwan Charbel and security officials. Mikati called for the establishment of an investigation committee. The PM kindly asked all parties to contribute to restoring calm and to act wisely and carefully.

Mufti of the Lebanese Republic Sheikh Mohammad Rachid Qabbani called on competent authorities to take practical steps to disclose the incident’s circumstances.      

Qabbani announced that Dar al Fatwa and the Directorate General of the Islamic Waqf in Beirut and all related institutions across Lebanese regions will be closed for three mourning days.          
Former PM Saad Hariri contacted President Michel Suleiman and LAF Commander Jean Kahwaji calling for the immediate establishment of an investigative committee to disclose the crime’s circumstances, and to punish the perpetrators no matter their ranks.          

MP Ahmad Fatfat told LBCI that it is unacceptable to consider that the crime was an accident. Fatfat called on President Suleiman and the Army Command to address this issue and intervene as soon as possible.

Exclusive sources told LBCI that an investigation committee was established by the LAF to investigate into the incident.

LAF units and security forces had boosted their deployment in Halba, Akkar on Sunday morning in preparation for the two festivals that kicked off simultaneously at 11 a.m, 100 meters away from each other. The National Syrian Socialist Party is holding a rally to commemorate the martyrs of the Halba massacre in front of its office in the area while the partisans of Khaled Daher are holding a similar rally to commemorate the martyrs of May 7 events.        
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