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Tuesday Feb. 21
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Bte7la ElHayet
Bte7la ElHayet
May 30 2012

Arsal incident closely linked to kidnappers of Lebanese hostages

publishing date: 30/05/2012 08:14:00
Arsal incident closely linked to kidnappers of Lebanese hostages

Security sources told LBCI on Wednesday that there is a close link between Tuesday’s Arsal incident and the kidnappers of Lebanese hostages.

One of the negotiating parties is seeking to meet the kidnappers’ demand to smuggle arms into Syria, the sources added.

PM Najib Mikati will head for Turkey at 5:00 p.m. to follow up on the issue of the 11 Lebanese hostages in Syria.           

In this context, the advisor of the Turkish president, Irshad Hormuzlu, confirmed to LBCI that there is no new development regarding the case of Lebanese hostages, adding “we did not take part in negotiations; we just exerted some good efforts in this regard.”      

LBCI learned that the Lebanese hostages are now divided into two groups, adding that the Syrian intelligence has detained some relatives of the second group’s kidnappers in order to pressure the abductors to release the captives.   

Sources on Wednesday have confirmed to LBCI that the case of the Lebanese abductees is now in the hands of the Turkish intelligence.   

Minister of Health Ali Hassan Khalil also said that calls regarding the release efforts for the Lebanese detainees have accelerated in the past hours.

It has been 9 days since the abduction occurred.
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