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Monday Sep. 26
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Khataya Saghira
Khataya Saghira
Jun 09 2012

For the first time, Lebanese abductees appear in a video, safe and sound

An important update emerged Saturday in the case of the 11 Lebanese pilgrims abducted in Syria, as Al Jazeera TV broadcasted a video in which the abductees reassured their families that they were all safe and sound.     

The abductees said that they were the guests of the Syrian rebels, stressing that they were not under any kind of pressure.          

The abductees condemned the Houla massacre, voicing their support for the Syrian people.        

Following the video, the” Syrian rebels gathering” issued a second statement  stipulating that the Lebanese abductees will be handed over through a civil state after appearing before the new democratic parliament. However, the gathering added that given the current circumstances, they are ready to negotiate to hand the abductees over to Syria’s neighboring countries “without any exception”.         

The gathering denied statements made public by spokespersons on behalf of the Syrian rebels, stressing that it has nothing to do with them except for the statement number one that requested an apology from Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

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