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Monday Feb. 27
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Talbin el ereb
Talbin el ereb
Jun 18 2012

Party convoy intercepted on airport road causing tension

publishing date: 18/06/2012 08:16:53
Party convoy intercepted on airport road causing tension

The airport road was reopened after the suspension of the protest staged by the relatives of Lebanese hostages in Syria.

Chaos prevailed over the airport road on Monday afternoon as a number of young men intercepted a convoy affiliated with a certain party, breaking the window of one of the cars and forcing the convoy to retreat.

Gunshots were fired in the sky to disperse the crowd after party members were prevented from opening the road.

In this context, the spokesperson for the relatives of the Lebanese abductees in Syria Sheikh Abbas Zgheib announced that the sit-in will be suspended.

Some young men with no relation to the relatives of the Lebanese abductees in Syria prevented LBCI’s cameraman from shooting.

A number of relatives of the Lebanese abductees in Syria set burning tires under the airport’s bridge before the LAF checkpoint on Monday, thus blocking the road completely in both directions.

NNA reported that the abductees’ families are holding two rallies 500 meters away from each other; in the first rally, protestors blocked the roads using vans and cars and in the second, they used burning tires.

The families of the 11 Lebanese hostages in Syria, members of the al-Sadr campaign had cut off the airport road using vans and cars , raising Lebanese flags and banners confirming the peaceful nature of their sit-in.     

As the airport road’s entrance and exit were blocked, some travelers completed their way to Beirut’s airport on foot.          

The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) took to the streets, began reopening the road and opened one lane for cars leaving the airport.        

By staging this protest, these families broke their silence one month after the abduction of their men, to denounce the withholding of all information related to negotiations over the hostages’ release.
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