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Tuesday Feb. 21
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Bte7la ElHayet
Bte7la ElHayet
Jun 18 2012

2 killed and 8 people injured in Nahr al-Bared clashes

publishing date: 18/06/2012 11:18:01
2 killed and 8 people injured in Nahr al-Bared clashes
Two people were killed, including one Palestinian, and 8 people were injured, including two LAF soldiers on Monday in clashes that erupted in Nahr al-Bared camp during the funeral of Palestinian national Ahmad Qassem who was killed last week.        

In details, during the funeral of Palestinian Ahmad Qassem in Al-Baddawi refugee camp, outside Al-Quds Mosque, some people took advantage of the tense atmosphere and threw Molotov bombs on the LAF post, burning a military vehicle. LAF immediately responded using riot gear equipment, smoke grenades and rubber bullets.       

Exclusive sources told LBCI that a number of Palestinian young men were the ones who initiated the attack on LAF posts in Nahr al-Bared.
The LAF intensified security measures in al-Baddawi- Deir Ammar camp after Nahr al-Bared clash.

Meanwhile, the residents of al-Baddawi camp blocked the camps’ internal roads in protest of the Nahr al-Bared clash.

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