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Monday Sep. 26
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Nharkom Said
Nharkom Said
Jun 23 2012

Another daily life issue surfaces: Increase in tuition fees

Lebanese teachers have been promised that the draft law related to the pay scale will be tabled during the upcoming cabinet session while parents have been threatened with an increase in tuition fees that might reach 50% at some private schools.    


Parents began receiving text messages calling for protesting outside the parliament next Monday as certain parents’ committees decided to take action in collaboration with the schools’ administrations.   

In this context, Catholic Schools Secretary General Father Boutros Azar told LBCI that the increases, if summed up, will not be less than 1,500,000 LBP for each student, warning that the approval of the increase will cause a deficit in the teacher compensation funds.    

In turn, the Head of private schools teachers syndicate in Lebanon Nehmat Mahfouz told LBCI that the increase will not exceed 200,000 LBP, adding that a deficit in the teacher compensation funds will be only caused by schools that do not pay their dues.
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