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Thursday Sep. 29
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Talamiz Akher...
Talamiz Akher Zaman
Jun 23 2012

Shalala degree spurs frenzy at AUB graduation ceremony

The first day of the graduation ceremony at AUB did not run smoothly as several students disrupted the ceremony to protest against the awarding of an honorary degree to former U.S. Secretary of Health Donna Shalala due to her support of sanctions against the Iraqi people and her refusal to boycott Israel.   

Palestinian businessman Munib Masri, who was also awarded during the ceremony, was reproached by one of the students especially since  his grandson Hafid Masri was injured by the Israeli army during last year’s anniversary of the Nakba in the south.   

Last year, a similar campaign by students and professors at the university led to the calling off of a ceremony where former World Bank president James Wolfensohn was scheduled to receive an honorary doctorate.
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