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Tuesday Mar. 28
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Late Night News
Late Night News
Aug 09 2012

Mikati: Samaha’s arrest not linked to espionage

publishing date: 09/08/2012 05:36:07
Mikati: Samaha’s arrest not linked to espionage
PM Najib Mikati confirmed on Thursday that the arrest of former Minister Michel Samaha was based on security reasons and not linked to espionage.   

“The case rests with the judiciary”, Mikati stressed.    

While pointing out a judicial warrant against Samaha, Mikati added that the international court has nothing to do with the case.    

The prime minister added that he will receive a detailed report including the judicial information related to the case.    

Addressing an Editors Syndicate delegation, Mikati voiced keenness on the freedoms provided for by the constitution.   

Commenting on the issue of 11 Lebanese pilgrims kept in Syria, Mikati said that “it is regrettable that the issue has taken another turn; they are using these hostages for political ends”.       

Turning to the electoral law, Mikati confirmed that proportional representation in elections does not sideline any party, adding that the district divisions will be discussed at the parliament.           

Separately, Mikati said that if the intentions were pure, the parties will be able to reach an electoral law combining the proportional and the majoritarian systems, in order to achieve fair representation, he said via Twitter.

To read the full report on Michel Samaha's arrest, click here.

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