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Tuesday Mar. 28
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Talbin el ereb
Talbin el ereb
Sep 17 2012

Libyan president says 50 arrested in attack on U.S. consulate

publishing date: 17/09/2012 11:09:53
Libyan president says 50 arrested in attack on U.S. consulate
Libyan President Mohammed Magarief told CBS News on Sunday that about 50 people had been arrested in connection with the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, which killed four Americans.              

Some of the suspects - including those who planned the attack - were from outside Libya, Magarief said.                 

The attack on Tuesday came amid protests over a video made in the United States that Muslims saw as blaspheming the Prophet Mohammad. The protest in Benghazi resulted in the deaths of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.                  

An official source also mentioned that the Libyan Interior Minister Fawzi Abdel A'al has discharged 2 security officials on the backdrop of what the state witnessed regarding the incident of the US Consulate.                         

The source pointed out that the Interior Minister has discharged his assistant in the area of North Libya Wanis Sharef and the head of national security in Benghazi Brigadier Hussein Bou Hmida, appointingd Colonel Salah al-Din Doghman as his successor.          

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