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Sunday Sep. 25
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Khataya Saghira
Khataya Saghira
Sep 22 2012

A 100-year-old woman in Akkar masters the use of technology

The 100-year-old Eugenie Khattar decided that time for change and renewal has come.                       

She now has a laptop, headphones, and an account on the social network Facebook.                       

From the terrace of her house in Andaket, Eugenie sends her greetings to her grandchildren in all quarters of the immigration world.                     

Eugenie mentioned that she asked her grandchildren to teach her how to use the laptop and access the internet noting that in some cases she's finding it difficult while in others, things are easy.                       

In a talk to LBCI, the 100-years-old grandmother asked her grandchildren to get her an I Pad so she may stay abreast with the latest technologies and pointed out that she also wants a better internet connection so she may easily communicate with her relatives across the world.       

To watch the full LBCI report, click on the VIDEO above
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