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Friday Sep. 30
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REPORT: Lebanese nationals murdered overseas under mysterious conditions


Almost 240 Lebanese citizens work in Belize, a country located on the north eastern coast of Central America.           

Recently, Abdel Aziz Dib who was visiting his brother, and Fouad Shakaron known as Alfred were both shot dead there.            

Fouad Shakroun, a businessman and an owner of a jewelry shop who had been living in Belize for 16 years, was followed by 2 gunmen who tried to kidnap him.      
Shakroun who holds the American Nationality is a Lebanese citizen from Arke-Sidon.             

Regardless to the fact that the American embassy has followed the investigations in his death, his Lebanese relatives still have a reproach on the Lebanese authorities.               

It is worth mentioning that out of 9 Shakroun family members, 6 of them are expatriates.           

For the full report, please click on the video above.

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