03 Dec 2012

Sakr: “Yes, it is my voice, I am not ashamed and I am ready to give up immunity”

Sakr: “Yes, it is my voice, I am not ashamed and I am ready to give up immunity”

MP Okab Sakr confirmed that the recordings broadcasted on TV channels depicting his voice are true; adding that he is proud of what he has done for Lebanon’s interest and ready to take on the consequences of his actions.

“Yes, this is my voice and those are my words. I do not deny my voice or my words. I am not ashamed of what I have done, for I am always under the law and I accept every legal judgment. Should my immunity be lifted, I will accept that, I do not hide behind my immunity,” Sakr told Acharq al-Awsat Daily.                 

Sakr expressed his shock towards the criticism directed at PM Najib Mikati who said that “he is free to do whatever he is doing [referring to MP Okab Sakr],” noting that Mikati, by saying such a statement, was protecting "his" political party who is well aware of the fact that if the case were to be opened, it would not reflect well on his interests nor on the interest of his cabinet.

Commenting on the call on him to apologize for what he has done, Sakr said that “if he ever owed an apology to anyone, whether in Lebanon or Syria, he will apologize to the Lebanese and Syrian people."

“I have more things to say soon and I will speak frankly, and afterward, every party would have to assume its responsibility because I know that some are taking advantage of this particular event, as a guise to commit more political assassinations. This is why I will be replying to those who act by this logic,” he added.                   
Concerning former PM Saad Hariri’s role in assisting the Syrian opposition, Sakr said that “Hariri openly declared in a statement that he appointed me to assist the Syrian people on the humanitarian and political levels.”
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