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Monday Sep. 26
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Khataya Saghira
Khataya Saghira

REPORT: Singer Majida El Roumi helps the poor


Lebanese singer Majida El Roumi visited the ESCWA headquarters to follow up on the exacerbating problem of poverty in Lebanon. According to statistics gathered by the organization only 14% of the Lebanese people manage to save money and only half of the citizens have health insurance. In this regard, Roumi put her fame to use, hoping to yield positive results in her quest to help Lebanon’s impoverished citizens.          

El Roumi called for educating the youth since, “ignorance can only lead to poverty,” as per her words.       

“Poverty is the cradle of wars, violence and corruption,” she said, expressing hope that women would come to realize their true capacities and their equal worth to men.           

El Roumi considered that art is a message that should be used for common good. She hopes that her message will prompt officials to tend to Lebanon’s disadvantaged members of society. 

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