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Saturday Oct. 01
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LBCI Flash News
LBCI Flash  News

REPORT: Moqdad to LBCI: In Syria, we do not lack men, but quality weapons


The political and media coordinator of the Free Syrian Army Luay al-Meqdad stressed that he will not take back the lawsuit which he filed against those who forged the voice recordings, calling for revealing the complete truth regarding the case, the planners and the political party which supported and sponsored the acts.           

Al-Meqdad told LBCI that the former Prime Minister Saad Hariri is unable to supply the Free Syrian Army with weapons, adding that "if Hariri had weapons, he would have formed his own army in Lebanon."             

"In Syria we do not lack men, but we lack quality weapons that officials cannot provide," al-Moqdad said.

To watch the full LBCI report, please click on the video above
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