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Thursday Mar. 23
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Nharkom Said
Nharkom Said
Dec 11 2012

NY-based group: 232 journalists jailed worldwide

publishing date: 11/12/2012 03:33:26
NY-based group: 232 journalists jailed worldwide

A New York-based press-freedom group says a record number of journalists  232  are imprisoned worldwide, an increase of 53 over last year's tally.                

The Committee to Protect Journalists released a report Tuesday, saying the total count is the highest since the organization began conducting worldwide surveys in 1990. The figure was based on the number of journalists behind bars on Dec. 1.                                

The report says Turkey has the greatest number of journalists behind bars  with 49. Iran ranks second-highest with 45 journalists imprisoned.              

Turkish TV news editor Mehmet Ali Birand says the Turkish government does not differentiate between freedom of expression and terrorism.                        

The CPJ also reported that anti-state charges were the most common made against journalists in 2012, including terrorism, treason and subversion.


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