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Thursday Feb. 11
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Ghanoujet Baya
Ghanoujet Baya
Jan 01 2013

Layla Abdul-Latif launches series of predictions for 2013

Layla Abdul-Latif appeared on New Year’s Eve at LBCI and launched a series of predictions.          Lebanon        

- No civil war in Lebanon, only clashes in Tripoli, Sidon, Bekaa and Naameh             - Relation with Israel faces political not military troubles, with small clashes at the borders                      - Media, Lebanese Army and security forces rush to the airport for an important event                   - Cabinet remains until parliamentary elections; PM Najib Mikati makes alliance with political enemies                       - No extension for the mandate of President Michel Sleiman who will take crucial decision in the case of former Minister Michel Samaha, and will find foreign support           - MP Okab Saqr must be warned                 - Initiatives and surprises from former PM Saad Hariri, surprising reconciliations to take place                   - Speaker Nabih Berri reopens Parliament’s doors; makes notable visit to a neighboring country, and interferes to prevent strife in Beirut                    - Humanitarian crisis to take place on one of Lebanon's mountainsides  - Secrets revealed for the first time in the case of Samaha-Mamlouk and two other top officials who will be tried in this case                  - Strong financial crisis hits a media outlet                   - Earthquake rocks the sea, strong quakes to be felt in Lebanon, leaving many injured      - Hezbollah to bid farewell to one of its important figures                 - Protests to resume at Casino du Liban, attack targets casino’s director                    - Strong debate over herbal medications shakes public opinion              - Further debates to appear inside Dar al-Fatwa, Sheikh Rashid Qabbani concerned                  - Bird flu to return to Lebanon, virus to hit horses and old diseases to return such as the plague               - MP Sleiman Frangieh to take to the street with the people                - MP Michel Aoun’s popularity will not decrease; he will make a unpredicted step               - Several conflicts to take place in the North, former MP Mesbah al-Ahdab to seek calm            - LAF Chief Jean Qahwaji to provide the army with quality weapons to protect Lebanon               - Sheikh Ahmad Assir to return with another face and unprecedented shows               - MP Sami Gemayel to acquire large popularity and leaves circle of danger                  - Imminent alliance between Ziad Baroud and one party           - A new quartet in Lebanon                  - Several buildings to collapse across Lebanon, bodies recovered                 - MP Walid Jumblatt to remain a centralist until the elections; his son Taymour far from politics in the near future                       - MP Elie Marouni sees progress and a near engagement           - Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah appears in public, receives March 14 youth figure                  - Christians to surround Samir Geagea, leaving positive results in the elections                  - Many institutions to declare bankruptcy, debate arises in a bank shaking public opinion                   
- Real estate prices decrease, rents, oil and gold prices rise            Egypt                     - Journalists in prisons, media outlets closed            - Revolution against the "revolution", number of officials immigrate              - Clash between Presidency and armed forces, amid abductions and assassinations                    - Chaos prevails again, Morsi’s security threatened by assassination attempt                    Syria          - The year of settlement, especially during the first months             - President Bashar Assad will not step down, opposition will not retreat                - Clashes with Israel, international forces play important role                Libya                - Fair trial will not take place against Mustafa Abdel Jalil                       - One of Muammar Qaddafi’s sons to deliver speech                    - Bloodshed to continue                  - Confrontations between people and army           Yemen                   - Further protests to take place, Ali Abdallah Saleh to leave country              - President Khali to be admitted to hospital                     - Living conditions to improve                     Palestine            - More bloodshed                - Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Meshaal must be warned                - Israeli air force over Golan Heights                  Kuwait               - Protests and clashes solved by Kuwaiti Prince’s wisdom                       UAE                        - No danger threatening the Emirates, prosperity and tourism increase in Dubai and Abu Dhabi                    Iran                      - Economic crisis turns to political crisis which will continue until the rule of reformists               - Conspiracy to be fabricated against Iran which will witness riots          Saudi Arabia              - Heavy rainfall and snowfall, investments increase, stability prevails               - Change to be implemented for the benefit of the people                   Iraq                  - Christians’ immigration increases                      - Networks working for major countries to be arrested                 - Iraqi-Turkish settlement to take place               - New State for Kurds to be established with international help                            Qatar                           - Qatar at the forefront, with important roles for the Middle East and Lebanon                  USA                      - Obama fails to solve the economic crisis                      - Serious attempt to assassinate President Barack Obama                   - More natural disasters to shake the USA

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