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Friday Feb. 12
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Star Academy 11
Star Academy 11
Jan 07 2013

Wahhab to LBCI: Syrian militants' funding sources decline

Wahhab to LBCI: Syrian militants' funding sources decline
The president of the Tawhid party Wiam Wahhab said that the Syrian President Bashar Assad is the president of a state defending itself, noting that the sources funding the militants in Syria are on a decline.           

In an interview with LBCI's Nharkom Said, Wahhab said that there is a problem on the ground in Syria, adding that Turkey and the Gulf states are amplifying this problem.            On the other hand, Wahhab pointed that the Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi “is the last one who has the right to give lessons in democracy”, noting that the Muslim Brotherhood rushed in exposing themselves and showing their hunger for power, stressing that they are the most organized group in Egypt, yet not the most popular.
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