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Tuesday May. 31
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LBCI Flash News
LBCI Flash  News
Jan 28 2013

Eight soldiers killed in Yemen car bomb attack

Eight soldiers killed in Yemen car bomb attack
A suicide car bomber targeting an army checkpoint in southern Yemen killed eight soldiers and wounded 10 on Monday, local officials said.             

The attack in the town of Radda was likely a retaliatory move by al Qaeda militants after Yemeni forces shelled insurgents in the southern province of al-Bayda earlier in the day, one of the officials said.                            

Earlier, 4 people were killed, including one soldier in an attack launched by the Yemeni army on alleged Al-Qaeda militants in the province of Baydaa’, center of the country, according to tribal and medical sources.                                                  

The sources told AFP that the Yemeni army launched an attack using various weapons after mediation failed to yield results.                               

Three people were killed in the attack and several others were wounded after gunmen ambushed the army at a point near the battle zone, killing at least one soldier and wounding two others.

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