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Thursday Mar. 23
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Al Shakikatan
Al Shakikatan
Feb 07 2013

Bulgaria: Burgas bomber was planning on fleeing to Lebanon

publishing date: 07/02/2013 11:44:50
Bulgaria: Burgas bomber was planning on fleeing to Lebanon

The Bulgarian government declared on Thursday that the bomber who killed five Israelis in Bulgaria last July was not a suicide bomber, but instead was willing to return to Lebanon with his assistants who are suspected to be related to Hezbollah.             

In this context, the Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsevtnov noted that the bomber was planning on placing the explosive device in the bus' luggage store and then detonating it later from a remote location in order to fully blow up the bus.              

The Minister told the journalists that the remote detonation device which was found at the location of the explosion indicates that the explosives could have been detonated from a distance of 10 kilometers, stressing that in such a case damages would have far been greater.
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