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Monday Feb. 27
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Talbin el ereb
Talbin el ereb
Oct 26 2011

Juppe: Assad’s government’s downfall is inevitable, but may take time

publishing date: 26/10/2011 07:36:37
Juppe: Assad’s government’s downfall is inevitable, but may take time
French foreign minister Alain Juppe said that the government of the Syrian President Bashar Assad will fall under the pressure of protests and sanctions, adding “it will take time due to domestic and regional political complications”.     

Juppe told French radio “Inter” that the failure of the U.N. Security Council to reach a resolution condemning the violence against protesters is a black mark on the record of the Security Council that said little about this brutal repression.    

“All this will be over when the regime is toppled. This is inevitable, but sadly, it may take time due to the complexity of the situation and the threat of a civil war erupting between Syrian factions, given that the Arab neighboring countries do not want us to interfere”, he said.     

Juppe pointed out that while most of the Arab countries are opposed to taking measures against Syria, Turkey’s stance is closer to the Western stance, as it started to exert pressure on the Syrian government to stop its brutal campaign.
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