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[PHOTOS] Hyena Cub Snatched From Mother, Another Killed In Lebanon’s Akkar

[PHOTOS] Hyena Cub Snatched From Mother, Another Killed In Lebanon’s Akkar Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار From,Snatched,Hyena,PHOTOS,
[PHOTOS] Hyena Cub Snatched From Mother, Another Killed In Lebanon’s Akkar
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لقراءة هذا الخبر باللغة العربية اضغط هنا ***
Another blog post, another story, another environmental tragedy; this time featuring a hyena cub snatched from its mother in the midst of what little is left of Lebanon’s forests.

A man, who probably sees himself nothing short of a hero, proudly declared his victory over the hyena mother who fought hard to protect her cubs from the intruder, according to Akkar News Website

Mashhour Ghossen, who hails from the town of Akkar al-Atiqa said he caught the cub during a hunting trip in Akkar’s Ballout region after having chased the mother-cub pack in the surrounding forests.

According to our “Hero-du-jour,” the mother had three other cubs that she fought hard to protect, much to the disgruntlement of the hunter who had planned to snatch them all.  

She put up a fight, he said, and repeatedly attempted to rescue the captured cub as he fled the scene.

“The mother repeatedly tried to rescue the cub on the way back, which prompted me to open fire in the air to scare her off,” he said.               

Ghosn explained that he now plans to raise the hyena cub in his house as a pet.

The story doesn’t end there. Other hunters also in Akkar’s Tikreet found another hyena cub and then killed it.

End of story.

How does this not send any able-minded person into a fit of anger, fury and rage? How have we allowed ourselves to remain so ignorant in the age of information and technology? And most importantly why do we stand idly by and allow ignorance to rule over reason?

Questions I cannot answer. Questions that make me want to hit my head against the wall and cry out loud, “For the love of Lebanon, are you people blind?”

The Lebanese hyena is an endangered species. Its role in the rejuvenation of the earth makes it an ecological necessity. It is dubbed nature’s recycling machine due to its ability to clean forests from carcasses and bones, turning them into fertilizer.

It is also a gentle -YES GENTLE- creature that does no harm unless provoked. Not one attack against humans has so far been registered, yet Lebanese mythology and hearsay still overshadows the creature whose only fault lies in its country of birth.

Losing this animal means losing yet another national treasure. Lebanon, once home to gazelles, bears and even lions will soon exclusively be the host of lower lifeforms: politicians and their human posses.            

Have we not lost enough Lebanon? I direct that question to the people and the man who can make a difference: Environment Minister Mohammad Mashnouq.           

Although a government decree was passed in 2004 forbidding the captivity of wild animals in Lebanon, several of Lebanon’s wildlife animals including  striped hyenas continue to be hunted, killed and put in cages where they die since captors rarely know the basics on how to care for them.

It’s time we have a concrete law to protect animals and wildlife in Lebanon. A law that will be fully implemented and not only serve as anesthesia to our leaders’ conscience.

The ministry of environment is a privilege I would happily and humbly serve. Sad to see that our businessmen/politicians deem it a minor portfolio; one not worth much on Lebanon’s Mafioso political scene.

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