Jun 24 2012 - 14:19

"Mujtahidd" exposes secrets of Saudi royal family on Twitter

"Mujtahidd" exposes secrets of Saudi royal family on Twitter Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار secrets,exposes,quot,Mujtahidd,quot,
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Lebanon News
Twitter activist known as “Mujtahidd” and dubbed by some as “Saudi Arabia’s Julian Assange” began on Sunday to leak details related to the Saudi royal family, revealing behind-the-scenes political decisions.    

Mujtahidd started 48 hours ago to relate the events in late 2011 and following the death of Crown Prince Sultan Abdul Aziz as well as King Abdullah’s call on the Allegiance Commission to convene to appoint Prince Nayef as his successor.      

Mujtahidd’s leaks revealed alliances within the ruling family as well as differences that prompted some of its members to overlook certain royal norms.  According to Mujtahidd, during the committee meeting, two princes left the hall as one of them threatened to leak to the media what happened during the meeting. Objectors maintained that the crown prince position should be reserved for the eldest member and in the event that the member chooses not to run for the position, the decision should not be against his will. However, the king maintained that the position should be occupied only by the person he deems eligible and that what happened in reality.      

According to Mujtahidd’s tweets, King Abdullah tried to avoid the repetition of the confrontation that occurred during Nayef’s pledge of allegiance by appointing Prince Salman as Crown Prince before the end of the mourning period for Nayef and without even calling on the Allegiance Commission to convene. Mujtahidd went on to describe the heated disputes that erupted after this contentious appointment, revealing that the King resorted to financial means to satisfy some angry sides.    

Sources close to the Saudi royal family slammed the information circulated by Mujtahidd, saying that he is “a member of the Saudi family seeking revenge”. However, Mujtahidd managed to garner more than 400,000 followers on twitter as many keep track of his remarks on different issues.
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