Jun 17 2021 - 09:24

Aoun: Supporting military men as individuals and military institution as a whole is now needed-[REPORT]

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Lebanon News
A virtual international conference to support the Lebanese army was held on Thursday at the invitation of France with the support of the United Nations and Italy and with the participation of twenty countries.
During the conference, French Minister of Defense Florence Parly said: “it is in the interest of al of us that the Lebanese army remains able to carry out its duties in maintaining security and stability."
In turn, Italian Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerrini said that “the needs of the Lebanese army must be met by securing the basic support requirements for it.
For her part, Caretaker Defense Minister Zeina Akar stressed that abandoning the army is not permissible, dubbing it as “the guarantor of Lebanon's stability and the security of the Lebanese.”
This as UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Joana Wronecka said that the conference’s goal is to support the army “so that it remains coherent and effective,” calling for meeting its essential needs.
As for the Lebanese Armed Forces Commander Major General Joseph Aoun, he asserted that Lebanon is facing an unprecedented economic crisis.
“It seems clear that there are no opportunities for solutions in the near future,” he added.
Aoun also stressed that the “the army enjoys local and international support and trust,” highlighting the increased need for support and today, in order to remain “coherent and able to carry out its tasks.”
He also pointed out the deterioration of the value of the Lebanese pound, which led in turn to a decrease in the value of military salaries by nearly 90%.
“The same percentage applies to nutrition, medical care, operational tasks and spare parts of machinery,” he added.
He warned against the continued deterioration of the economic and financial situation in Lebanon, which “will inevitably lead to the collapse of institutions, including the military, and therefore, the entire country will be open to security threats.”
He concluded by stressing the need to support military men as individuals so they can go through this delicate stage in addition to supporting the institution as a whole.
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