May 14 2018 - 06:08

Pierre El Daher’s attorney: We wished Geagea had attended to speed up the trial

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Lebanon News

The attorney of LBCI chairman Sheikh Pierre El Daher, Naoum Farah stressed that if Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea had attended the interrogation and confrontation session in the lawsuit filed by the Lebanese Forces against LBCI, there would have been a possibility to hasten the trial proceedings.


Concerning moving the trial to another location, the attorney expressed reservation over holding the trial at the headquarters of the Lebanese Forces in Maarab, considering the premises as not neutral and they cannot attend there.


In this context, he stressed that he does not have any issue with attending the session anywhere else, on the condition that it will have the essentials, such as safety and the calm atmosphere required for trials.


“We are keen on Geagea’s security, but we are also keen on holding these sessions, particularly the interrogation session, in a place that guarantees equality for all the parties and integrity of the legal proceedings,” he explained, noting that he suggested holding the session at the Municipality of Ghedras, given that it is an official building.

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