Jul 28 2019 - 13:05

Rana Beaino’s death: Between the husband’s story and the coroner’s report

The death of Rana Beaino has raised several question marks Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Crime,Lebanon,The death of Rana Beaino has raised several question marks
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Lebanon News

The death of Rana Beaino has raised several question marks as to the causes leading to her death.


Rana dies on Saturday at dawn at Mount Lebanon Hospital, where she had been admitted three days before. Sunday could have been Rana’s funeral without the knowledge of her parents if it weren’t for the intervention of the judiciary.


When Rana’ husband, Charbel distributed the obituary and decided to hold the funeral the soonest possible, he did not know that he will be behind bars on charges of killing his wife.


After the security forces listened to Charbel’s testimony, they decided to keep him in custody until the truth behind her death comes out.


While the husband insists that Rana died after falling from the moving car, the report of the coroner mentions injuries on the left side of her body, pointing out a 7-centimeter U-shaped wound on the left side of the head, as well as fractures in the skull and wounds covering the left side of the neck and face, left upper torso and left arm, caused by solid objects, according to the coroner’s report.


Between Charbel’s unconvincing story according to Rana’s parents, and the coroner’s report; and whether Charbel’s story turned out to be true, the result remains the same, Rana Beaino died, leaving behind three daughters who never had the chance for a farewell.


For more details, watch the full report in the video above

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