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About Us
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About Us
The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International, widely known as LBCI, is the first private television station in Lebanon LBCI was founded in 1992 by acquiring the assets, liabilities and logo of LBC, an entity founded in 1985 during the Lebanese Civil War

LBCI went global in 1996 when it launched LBC EUROPE covering the Arab World and Europe, LBC AMERICA in the American continent and LBC AUSTRALIA in Asia and Australia It recently launched an entertainment channel in Lebanon, LB2
+ 260000
continuous broadcasting hour
LBCI Mission
Our mission is to persistently break new ground in Arab broadcasting by: Inspiring people to assume their responsibilities as citizens through positive action. Anticipating and adapting to changes in the media environment by integrating our creative approach with innovative technologies. Extending our reach to as wide an audience as possible as consistently as possible, while remaining accountable to them. Our vision is to be a continuous source of inspiration for positive change in Lebanon and the Middle East.
LBCI Values
Change & Social Prosperity: We consider ourselves as advocates for social justice in society and guardians of democratic practices and freedom of speech, we will persistently seek to inspire audiences to improve their social conditions together.
Trust & Accountability: We hold the trust of our audiences dear and consider ourselves accountable to our viewers; while also holding in return audiences accountable to higher standards and ideals.
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